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Don't Change yourself for other people


Words of Emotion


This always fucking gets me.


sweet pink dress

free shipping-3rd anniversary


from electric blossom by torkil gudnason


Sooo my sister went to New York and I asked her to get me a snow globe and she did!! :D | Instagram is xo_elyse (Please don’t repost on IG without giving me credit)  

  • me: *wakes up*
  • me: wheres my phone
  • me: *rips off blankets*
  • me: *hears loud thud*
  • me: there it is


rule number 1: You never ever tell someone to kill themselves

rule number 2: You never tell someone that they are fat

rule number 3: You never tell someone that they are thin

rule number 4: You never judge someone and point their flaws

rule number 5: If you don’t have anything nice to say just shut the hell up

Hi I'm Melissa :>
17 years old

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